Application sold and supported by Motorola Solutions.

Used with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ radio systems, it offers a significant increase in their functionality. The IP-based solution allows dispatchers to work from multiple locations, transmit voice and send text messages, archive them, communicate with other dispatchers, diagnose the radio system, as well as a range of other functionalities increasing the system’s operation efficiency.   

ConSEL PLUS is a scalable solution, compatible with MOTOTRBO, allowing connection to one or more systems, thus ensuring the possibility of integration and communication between their users and dispatchers.  

The use of ConSEL PLUS increases overall operational efficiency. The software improves radio communications in large area  systems. As a result, reaction and intervention times are significantly shortened. Thanks to better exchange of information the application increases reliability and security of the system and improves dispatcher ergonomics as well as productivity and efficiency of all users.

The application works with MOTOTRBO radio systems only in direct IP connection mode: 

Connection to a single system:

Connection to multiple systems:

Connection to Capacity Max system:

View of the dispatcher console working with two wide-area systems (IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus Multi Site). LOCATION POSITIONING module running. The console shows the use of the function key functionality (direct call to an individual contact or a group).
View of the dispatcher console with the SYSTEM MONITORING module running, offering diagnostics of radio devices in the system. The current data on objects and examples of map modules (LOCATION POSITIONING) are visible.
View of the dispatcher console with the SYSTEM MONITORING module running and the Network Topology functionality visible.
View of the dispatcher console with the RF COVERAGE MONITORING and LOCATION POSITIONING modules running. The RF COVERAGE MONITORING module makes it possible to build a radio coverage map of the system and supports the design process for deployment of radio communication systems.