Technical support

Dispatcher’s console enabling voice communication, sending text messages, recognizing alarms, positioning users on the map. Cooperation with Mototrbo ™ devices. Scalable from small systems to large-scale solutions.

What types of radios can be remotely controlled by the ConSEL application?

The best functionality is achieved with DM3600, DM3601, DM4600 and DM4601 radios – both digital and analog operation will be possible. ConSEL application can also work with GM360 radios with limited functionality. ConSEL allows for direct control of DR3000 and MTR3000 repeaters in IP Site Connect mode.

Is it possible to upgrade the application in the future from the initial purchase of basic solution (e.g. single radio control)?

The ConSEL solution can be upgraded and expanded by additional modules, controllers, consoles and option. The application is scalable to suit the client’s organization and its development.

We currently have analog radios, we are going to buy digital radios in one or two years. Does ConSEL allow for operation in analog mode only?

ConSEL allows for analog mode operation, including Select 5 signalling. It is sufficient to reprogram the radio (DM3600/3601 or DM4600/4601) to digital mode in the future. Analog mode operation is not possible only in case of direct connection to the repeater via the application. Until switching to digital mode in DR3000 and MTR3000 repeaters you can use the remotely controlled radio to communicate with the repeater in analog mode.

Does ConSEL allow for positioning of pedestrian users (APL) and users in vehicles (AVL)?

Yes, ConSEL allows positioning for the following types of equipment: Motorola digital radios (location data sent via DMR radio infrastructure), Tetra radios (location data sent by Tetra radios), vehicle controllers (via GSM operator infrastructure), personal vehicle location devices (via GSM operator infrastructure).

Is it possible to build a communications network where voice will be sent by radios and location data via GSM?

Yes, in a single system the voice communications can be done by two-way radios, and status monitoring/telemetry by vehicle controllers.