About the software:

Wide-area and high-capacity networks

Advanced solution allowing for operation in wide-area networks (IP Site Connect) and high-capacity systems (Capacity Plus). 

Direct connection between the dispatcher console and repeater networks allows for reliable interoperation and deployment of large-scale dispatcher-based radio systems.  

The application works with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ radio systems: 

Remote control of radios. 

Large systems (with multiple radios). 

A feature allowing for a voice connection between users of systems not connected with a radio link, located far apart or separated by terrain or architectural obstacles. The application enables communications between users of systems in different standards, e.g. user A (analogue system), user B (Digital TDMA DMR system).  
RSSI Voting
The system analyses the received signal level from multiple base stations and selects the best one for communication via the dispatch console.  

Advanced configurations: 

IPSite Connect
Motorola Solutions’ IP Site Connect system provides communications over large geographical areas. Networked base stations allow for roaming of users moving between the stations’ coverage areas. ConSEL PRO allows direct access from the console to multiple IP SITE CONNECT networks. 
Dispatch console for CAPACITY PLUS, CAPACITY PLUS MULTI SITE systems